Independence Vs Freedom


As I’m eating the doodh-peda(a sweet made from milk) on the 67th Independence Day of India the country I’m blessed to born and live in, my mind starts to revolve around the concept of Independence. Sure I’ve the liberty to wear the dress I like, eat the food I enjoy, visit the places I find peaceful, choose the friends I enjoy spending my time with and follow the religion my soul resonates with. Sure I’ve absolute control over the “external things” that populate my life. Yet I’m aware of the “internal architecture of mind” that governs all of my choices.

One of the fundamental gems of the universal wisdom is “Thoughts become Things”. Through the agency of thoughts one can communicate with the “Infinite Intelligence” that resides inside each of us and express its magnificence in our work. Using the power of “concentrated thought ” anyone can attract all the good that he wishes effortlessly. All the ideal aspects of my life such as  peace of mind + peak health + rewarding career + financial abundance + meaningful relationships + impact around the world can be realized using nothing more than “raw thoughts”.

Given the overriding importance of thoughts, the degree of freedom we achieve over them determines the true liberty we experience in our external world. Choosing the thoughts one feels right to himself amidst the influences of environment is the greatest personal victory. With the “freedom of thought” one can shape the world the way he wishes instead of accepting the world as it is.

Freedom from negative influences & the choice of thoughts from the free-willing mind form the foundation of independence. Achieving “mastery of thought” is achieving personal freedom. With each of us dedicated to achieve personal greatness through thought mastery, what need in reminding ourselves of  independence on The Independence Day yearly once? How enlightening it is that the freedom lies in the hands of every one of us? What  would the world look like if each of us achieved personal mastery and express our gifts & talents through our work?

My deepest gratitude to Doodh-peda!

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