BitDefender Rescue CD

As a system administrator I frequently face situations to combat malware-ridden PCs. Such cases range from a simple false-positive .exe file which can be removed from an Anti-virus software, to an extremely malicious code that has corrupted the MBR and stalls the OS booting. During such scenarios, my primary objective is take the backup of data stored in the machine and clean the machine using an Anti-virus software.

Almost every Anti-virus vendor has a Rescue CD which is designed to address the aforesaid situation. Basically a Rescue CD is a boot-able OS containing the Anti-virus engine and other system management utilities. Booting the infected PC from a Rescue CD gives access to the data stored in the PC. Using the disk cloning utility of the Rescue CD the data can be safely backed up to an external storage. Following that you can scan the PC to find the infected files and take appropriate action depending on the nature of the file.

In addition to Anti-virus engine the Rescue CD usually contains a partition management utility to resize the partitions, an FTP server and other system management utilities.

I’ve been using BitDefender in my Windows laptop for the last three months and am impressed by its strength, speed and easy-of-use. Surprisingly, my Ubuntu Desktop got infected by a virus and I used the BitDefender to clean it. You can read how I did that here.

The great news is that the BitDefender Rescue CD is available as an ISO file, so you can download and burn it on a CD. And use it in times of need.
You can download the BitDefender Rescue CD ISO file from here. And the md5 hash of the same from here.

You can also download the Rescue CDs of these popular Anti-virus vendors:

Many open source softwares are available which do the same job as the Rescue CD. I’ve listed few of them here:

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