How to run the Dynatrace thin-client ?

Dynatrace is one of the leaders in APM. Dynatrace has a server-client architecture in which the performance data sent from the agents is stored & analyzed in the dynatrace server. The server can be accessed via a thick-client (a program installed on the local machine) or a thin-client ( a java application that can be downloaded & run from the dynatrace server).

Thin client is flexible in that the Dynatrace server can be accessed from any machine in the network. To do so one has to enter the URL:PORT of the Dynatrace server which gives an option to launch the Dynatrace client. This will download the Dynatrace_client.jnlp file which gets run by a  java runtime application in the local machine.

The problem I faced was that the default program to run the client.jnlp file was not listed in the browser options and I didn’t know which java binary to choose to do so. The javaws.exe called Java Web Start Launcher (TM) is the program by which *.jnlp files can be opened & run. It is located in the directory c:\Program Files\Java\jre8\bin\.

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