Ubuntu 14.10 “Waiting for network configuration…”

Today I installed Ubuntu 14.10 as a VM on Virtualbox. After the first login I had to assign an appropriate IP address to eth0 interface as there’s no DHCP server in my local network. After editing the /etc/network/interfaces file with my IP settings  I ran /etc/init.d/networking restart command with admin privileges. For whatever reason this command failed to restart the network interfaces. Hence I decided to reboot the system (init 6).

During system booting the machine stopped for more than five minutes echoing the message,

Waiting for network configuration...
Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration...

After googling I found that from Ubuntu 12.04 release the booting procedure designed in such way as to allow the system enough time to get the IP address from a DHCP server in the local network, and boot with full network configuration. Adding any more auto directive other than the default auto lo in the /etc/network/interfaces file will cause the system to wait for more time. So I deleted the IP settings I assiged on eth0 in the /etc/network/interfaces file. On reboot the problem still persisted by echoing the above messages.

So the solution should be to edit the script responsible for the messages. The script is “/etc/init/failsafe.conf”. In the script I commented out the sleep command found after the “Waiting for …” messages.

 $PLYMOUTH message --text="Waiting for network configuration..." || :
#sleep 40

$PLYMOUTH message --text="Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration..." || :
#sleep 59
$PLYMOUTH message --text="Booting system without full network configuration..." || :

No more Waiting for network configuration! Please note that I did this because there’s no DHCP server in my local network and I needed to configure a bridge which couldn’t be done using network-manager.

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