While(true) attitude


I would like to attract your attention to a very powerful idea called “while(true)-way-of-being“. And its potential in radically simplifying the pursuit of our goals.

I’m a programmer by profession. Now and then programming concepts help me to obtain a refreshing perspective about life. And my role in it. In a casual evening conversation with my roommate I’m flashed with this idea of having a monomaniacal, one dimensional and singular positive approach to everything in life.

In programming, the unit of code inside the clause while(true) executes infinitely till a break or a terminating statement is reached. No matter how intricate the logic may be, while(true) statement commands the computer to execute its body.

Under the golden light of while(true) concept,                                                                  *What would our lives look like if we just command ourselves to be optimistic and hopeful regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in?                                   *How much of a difference we can make in the lives of people if we blow nothing but sincere winds of positive energy and kindness?                                                       *What would our organizations look like if we simply don’t know any other way to work other than the passionate out-pouring of excellence and creativity?

The common thread of thought to notice here is that one dimensional thinking in making choices. There’s no if(true)-then-so part in our life(program). The only code we know in life(program) is while(true)-always-be. Conceptually, this idea simplifies a lot of so called complex things. Wrong!, there’s no such thing as complex and you don’t know the meaning of it. You only know how things can be made better and you constantly work on it. You’re completely blind to everything else. In other words you’re always a Gold miner. Rain maker. Diamond seeker.

Practically, the idea boils down to this: you visualize your goal and you go for it. Pure and simple. You never take your eyes off your goal since you can’t see anything else but your goal. You don’t do anything else but the pursuit of your goal since you don’t know anything else but your goal. You’re in the body of while(true). And you’re inside the loop throughout your life. Once you reached your goal, you swiftly visualize even higher one and you go for it. You do this simply because you don’t know any other way to live. This is your modus operandi.

Let me wrap everything up as,
dream big;
visualize the goal;
work like beaver;
realize your vision;

Note that there’s no break or exit condition. You’re inside the while(true) throughout your life constantly dreaming bigger, visualizing the goals and realizing them. Isn’t that great?

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