Integrating SecureCRT to GNS3

To integrate SecureCRT to open the GNS3 router consoles, change the console application command under General Preferences ==> Console Applications ==> Console settings for Telnet connections to,

C:\Program Files\VanDyke Software\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.exe /T /N %d /telnet %p

/T instructs the SecureCRT to open the connection in a new tab.
/N switch defines the name of the connection which is %d, meaning device name.
%p is the device port.
Now the routers’ consoles open in separate tabs with their device names as the session names in SecureCRT.

The path to the SecureCRT.exe may vary depending on its installed directory in your PC. Also have a backup of the default console application(puTTY) command “putty.exe -telnet %h %p -wt “%d” -gns3 5 -skin 4″ to revert back to puTTY for router console access.

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