Resolving “Unlock Login Keyring” in Ubuntu 12.04

My Ubuntu Internet PC has been configured to use the same login credentials as those for the Mail Service. Both the system and the mail account password can be changed at once inside the webmail.
Few days back I changed the password of my mail account from inside the webmail (in a burst of inspiration after reading the chapter “The Training of the Will to do” from the book “The Power of Concentration” ).

Now every time I run the Google Chrome, following message pops up:
Unlock Login Keyring
Enter password to unlock your login keyring
The password you use to log in to your computer no longer matches that of your login keyring.

Entering my current login credentials wasn’t considered valid. Surprising thing is Firefox is Ok. The fact is that Google Chrome added the login credentials of the Proxy server to the Key-ring. And it’s not updated with my new credentials.

The Key-ring is a way of managing login credentials of the applications and online accounts. The Key-ring stores the login credentials of various accounts and encrypts them using the System Login Password. For some reason Key-ring’s password hadn’t updated when I changed the system password. Hence the message during Chrome’s startup.

I resolved this by updating the password of the Key-ring folder found in the Passwords and Encryption Keys. You can launch the Passwords and Encryption Keys application by running the command seahorse. You can use the Hotkeys Alt+F2 to run the command.

Passwords and KeysRight-click on the Passwords:login folder and choose Change Password to update the Key-ring password for login.


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