Handy Windows’ Shortcuts

Here’s a list of time-saving, wow-worthy keyboard shortcuts for Windows :

  1. Win + E ==> Open Explorer (My Computer)
  2. Win + D ==> Show Desktop
  3. Ctrl + Shift + Esc ==> Open Task Manager
  4. Win + X ==> Open Windows Mobility Center (Windows 7)
    Menu of management utilities (Windows 8.1)
  5. Ctrl + Esc ==> Open Start Menu (Rack servers often don’t have Win key)
  6. Win + N ==> Launch the Nth icon in the task bar (N>0)
  7. Win + PrntScr ==> Take a screenshot of the screen. It saves the screenshots at  Libraries\Pictures\Screenshots
  8. Win + P ==> Opens options for projector/multiple monitors to extend, duplicate etc.  Hold the Win Key and tap P to go between the options.
  9. Win + Q/S ==> Universal Search Menu(USM)
  10. Win + W ==> Opens the USM and set it to settings
  11. Win + F ==> Opens the USM and set it to files
  12. Win + H ==> Brings up the Share menu for the current app. Eg., hitting Win + H inside while browsing gives the options such as screenshot, email, etc.
  13. Win + M ==> Opens desktop mode and minimizes all windows
  14. Win + <left-arrow> or <right-arrow> ==> Move the window to the left or right half of the screen
  15. Win(Alt) + Tab ==> Task Switcher

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