Instant WiFi Hotspot in Windows 7/8

From Windows 7 onwards there’s a great way to create an instant WiFi hotspot and bring your PCs and smart phones onto a common wireless network. In Windows’ parlance this is called Hosted Network.

The prerequisite is that your PC’s Wireless adapter should support Hosted Network functionality. To check that, open the Windows command prompt as administrator and run the following command.

c:\> netsh wlan show drivers
Interface name: Wi-Fi
    Type                      : Native Wi-Fi Driver
    Radio types supported     : 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n
    FIPS 140-2 mode supported : Yes
    Hosted network supported  : Yes

Next create the WiFi hotspot by providing the SSID(HostedNetwork Name), mode(allow/disallow) and key(password). Note that the password need to be at least 8 characters in length.

c:\> netsh wlan set hostednetwork ssid=deepak mode=allow key=P@ssw0rd
The hosted network mode has been set to allow.
The SSID of the hosted network has been successfully changed.
The user key passphrase of the hosted network has been successfully changed.

Now start the hostednetwork created using the command,

c:\> netsh wlan start hostednetwork
The hosted network started.

You guessed it, to stop the hotspot the command is netsh wlan stop hostednetwork.
To see the details of the hosted network started, use the following command.

c:\> netsh wlan show hostednetwork
Hosted network settings
    Mode                   : Allowed
    SSID name              : "deepak"
    Max number of clients  : 100
    Authentication         : WPA2-Personal
    Cipher                 : CCMP

Hosted network status
    Status                 : Started
    BSSID                  : 8c:a9:82:22:2b:73
    Radio type             : 802.11n
    Channel                : 6
    Number of clients      : 0

Now go to a Windows 7 laptop nearby and click the network icon in the system tray or turn on the WiFi in your smart phone and scan the network. The hotspot created(deepak) gets enlisted there. You can now connect to the created hotspot by entering the password you set(P@ssw0rd) while creating the hosted network.


The hotspot thus created serves to share the Internet Connectivity with other devices.

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