Get rid of the root/toor combo in Kali Linux

By default Kali Linux boots into root account as most of the security tools require root privileges to function successfully. But it is intimidating to enter “root” as the user name and “toor” as the password to log into the system every time, because we neither want to login as any other user nor want to use a different password (unless you really need to).

Wouldn’t it be nice if we directly get inside the Kali Linux without the prompt of username and password?

To do that open and edit the file /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf

root@kali# leafpad /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf

Uncomment the two lines of AutomaticLogin in the daemon section. It should finally look like,

# Enabling automatic login
  AutomaticLoginEnable = true
  AutomaticLogin = root

Now reboot the system and notice the system boots up to get you directly into the system. You don’t have to enter root/toor again and again.

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