10 Million Questions’ Celebration at Stack Overflow

Today StackOverflow had its 10 millionth question! Head over here to see the actual count. For those of us who begin programming career, it’s impossible to forget how much time we spend in StackOverflow Q&A forum.  StackOverflow is my virtual mentor + coach + teacher when it comes to solve coding problems.

When I look back two years ago, with no background in programming, and was uncertain whether I can code well, StackOverflow came to me like a shade-giving tree. I used to spend a hell lot time following the answers of experienced programmers and trying their logic and adding my own in my programs. When I finished my first application NSAT(Network Security Assessment Tool) in Python, I was feeling like a champion (though nobody was there to celebrate!). Thanks a ton StackOverflow and now I’m a dedicated contributor to it, researching and posting answers for fellow programmer’s questions. Everyday. Isn’t that amazing!

Jeff AtwoodStackoverflow was created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood & Joel Spolsky with the intention of pulling the best solutions to programming problems out of mailing lists, online groups, and product support forums. They understood that the scruffy coders, passionate hobbyists and brilliant consultants held the gems of innovative solutions. And it was so true as we all know that the roadside blacksmith is ten times skillful than the sophisticated assembly engineer in an AC-furnished plant (not to mean stereotypical).

Jeff Atwood is well known by his popular programming blog coding horror. So is Joel Spolsky by his joel on software blog. Both of them incubated the idea of having an open platform for programmers to post questions and write answers. A system of reputation was designed to give points to the participants in order to motivate and drive them. Now the total points & reputation you have in stackoverflow is one of the criteria to get placed in your dream company!!

Stack Overflow paved the way for other immensely popular Q&A sites and is now one Joel Spolskyamong many open Q&A sites under Stack Exchange. Stack Exchange democratized the idea by allowing the users to create their own Q&A site, focused specifically on a particular subject. Now stack exchange sites cover topics such as writing, finance, graphic design, bicycles, fitness, chess, physics, photography, gardening, philosophy, travel……so many. Have a look at here for all the sites under Stack Exchange.

My favorite ones are,
Network Engineering: As the name suggests
Server Fault : Q&A site for system administrators
Super User: Forum focused on power users
Unix and Linux: Focused on Linux and Unix-like OSes
Information Security: For security professionals
AskUbuntu: Splendid site for Ubuntu lovers
Raspberry Pi: For Pi tinkerers
Android enthusiasts: For android geeks

Let me know your favorite ones in the comment section below.

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