Cloud Storage

Cloud-storage-serviceCloud has become the new normal to everyone. The notion of cloud is that your  data and computation are not local but from the servers in the data center somewhere in the Internet. This provides instant access to data anytime and anywhere in the world.

Cloud storage services are aimed at providing storage space in the cloud so users can keep and update their data, photos and videos inside their personal storage space. To avail a cloud storage service you have to create an account and that’s pretty there to it. You can drag & drop files and folders into your cloud storage space and access them from anywhere and at anytime.

In a typical cloud storage service, you’ll have the following:

  1. A personal account for the storage service with username & password.
  2. A desktop client app for syncing your local files and folders with that of the cloud.
  3. A mobile app for instant data access and upload.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Back up of your important data.
  • Access from anywhere and at anytime via the Internet.
  • Real-time syncing of your data via a desktop client application.
  • Easy downloadable data for anyone without needing a cloud storage account.
  •  Alleviation of risk of disk failure or data loss.

Though the cloud storage service goals are amazing, skeptics claim that the services are a trade with user’s data and privacy. Here are the concerns.

Cautious aspects of Cloud Storage

  • Mining and analysis of user’s data.
  • Unintended access of data for malicious purpose.
  • Concern on user’s privacy (photos).
  • Data theft.

The concerns raised against cloud storage are indeed serious and require attention. However the cloud storage technology has matured and addresses all of the user’s concerns. Data protection and confidentiality are enforced through encryption of user’s data in the cloud. Authentication is made tighter through 2-factor authentication option. And about the privacy concern, judgment matters. If something is too sensitive or private to be on the cloud, it shouldn’t be there. But for an average user who needs instant access to personal data, cloud storage keeps its promise. And that’s what matters the most.

There are some excellent offerings from titans such as Google, Microsoft, DropBox and Box. Check out the top 10 cloud storage services.

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