Top Ten Cloud Storage Services

Having discussed the cloud storage services, now it’s time to see what services are available and assess their options. Let’s get right to it.

1. Google Drive: The search goliath provides free 15 GB of storage space for each Gmail account. The storage is used across Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos. And you can store files each up to 5 TB. Google’s plethora of apps such as Photos, Docs, Books, Contacts, and Calendar, Gmail and Youtube all come together with Google Drive, enabling the user to have instant access to content from inside any app. Truly this boosts the user’s productivity like never before.

2. DropBox: DropBox took the cloud storage into what it is today. Other players followed the footsteps of DropBox. The Basic plan of DropBox gives 2 GB of storage space. You can upgrade to Pro or Business plan to avail yourself more space.

3. Microsoft OneDrive: Microsoft aims to reach for the best in terms of cloud storage for its customers with its OneDrive offering (formerly SkyDrive). Like Google Drive, it provides 15 GB of free storage space for each outlook account. The service is elegant.

4. Box: Box to businesses what DropBox to individuals. While there’s no free storage plan as such, you can try their starter(100 GB) and business(Unlimited storage) plans for a limited period time and buy if you find it productive for your teams.

5. Mega: Mega has an aggressive offering of free 50 GB storage space and aims to provide privacy to the user.

6. ADrive: The basic plan has an impressive 50 GB free storage for personal accounts.

7. BitCasa: BitCasa enforces client-side AES-256 block-level encryption before the data is even uploaded to personal account, providing strong confidentiality of user’s data. The basic plan provides 5 GB of free storage space.

8. SpiderOak: With what is known as “zero knowledge”, SpiderOak is the best when it comes to privacy. No plaintext data, no keys, no file meta data! The plans start at $7 a month for 30 GB, up to 5 TB.

9. Tencent Weiyun: This Chinese Internet titan offers 1 TB free space to any one in need. If you trust Chinese, you can claim your 1 TB storage now. Since the site is in Chinese, follow this article to sign up and use the service.

10. Qihoo 360 Yunpan (Cloud Drive) : Qihoo 360, a Chinese reputed Internet security company offers a whopping 36 TB of storage space. You can confidently dump all your non-private data here and take a walk in the woods!
Follow this guide to get started with Qihoo 360 Yunpan.


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