Overcoming the default Bing Search annoyance in Internet Explorer

For whimsical reasons, IE-11 doesn’t seem to have an option for disabling the Bing Search in its address bar. So whatever I type, it will cause the Bing to search the URL through web crawling. The URLs which are valid in the Internet work perfectly fine. However, if you want to access a location having a private IP in your Intranet, you will get “Page not found” error since Bing will try to do web crawling on the IP address entered in the URL bar and you’re not connected to the Internet.

IE-address bar problemThere was an option to disable the Bing search in the URL bar in previous versions of IE. I’m not able to find a similar option in IE-11. I often share files between PCs using a Python one-liner. IE-11 is unforgiving to access the custom IP address. This isn’t the case in Mozilla Firefox. The workaround is to prepend your Intranet URL or IP address with “http” or “https” explicitly. The IE will no longer do Bing search on the words in the URL. And grant you access to the Intranet location.

IE-address bar-fixed

Microsoft Technet Forum

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