Windows HomeGroup nuances

Windows HomeGroup IconWindows provides an elegant way to share files, folders and printers between other Windows PCs. In order to enable sharing, the PCs need to be in the same HomeGroup.

Each HomeGroup is protected by a password and it’s required for a  PC to join the HomeGroup. The problem is, if a PC has already created a HomeGroup in your network, you can only connect to that HomeGroup and for that you need to know the password, which in many cases you don’t. Windows doesn’t allow you to create a HomeGroup, if there’s one already in the network.

The only way to overcome this shortcoming is to disable your Network Connection from your adapter settings and enable it. While the NIC is being enabled, a pop up will come to create a HomeGroup. Act swiftly and enter a password and create the HomeGroup, without giving any time to NIC find another HomeGroup in the network. If you give enough time to NIC, it’ll find the other HomeGroup in the network and never allow to create your own.

Sounds little strange as there’s no flexibility to manage HomeGroups in Windows. But this is the only solution I’ve got so far. I’ll update if I find any other method.


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