Leadership in VIM productivity with Space key

vim_spacebarThe productivity as a vimmer can be greatly increased by mapping the space key to do common tasks since space is easily accessible and it’s the largest key on the keyboard. The credit for the idea goes to Sheerun’s blog.

I’ve added some handy space key bindings to .vimrc, the vim’s configuration file found hidden in the logged in user’s home directory.

First declare space as the Leader key.

let mapleader="\<Space>"

Write, Write & Quit and Quit
With the following bindings I can keyboard
<Space>w to write,
<Space>ww to write and quit, and
<Space>q to quit without saving the file.

nnoremap <Leader>w :w<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>ww :wq<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>q :q!<CR>

Copy and paste to system clipboard with <Space>p and <Space>y

vmap y "+y
vmap d "+d
nmap p "+p
nmap P "+P
vmap p "+p
vmap P "+P

Enter visual mode with <Space> <Space>v

nmap <Leader><Leader> V

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