Gorgeous MacBook

MacBookI’m an avid Apple fan and misses none of their product unveiling events. I came running from office on March 9th 2015, to watch the latest and hottest Apple products on YouTube. That evening opened the flood gates of my inspiration as an engineer and a techie. One product in particular seduced me to fall in love with it. That’s MacBook, Apple notebook computer that is astoundingly portable and stunningly beautiful. No matter how many times I watched my thirst is unquenchable. I’ll buy one in future. For now only dreams!

MacBook is

  • the first fanless laptop, which means no noise at all!
  • the thinnest Mac with 13.1mm thin and the lightest Mac weighing just 2 pounds.
  • has the densest motherboard ever.
  • all wireless and sports a USB-C connector for data, video output and charging.
  • made from environmentally friendly material and highly recyclable.

I respect your time. Why would I write about all the amazing design and engineering innovations of MacBook when you can watch them directly? Why would I bore you with nerdy-terms of electronics when all you want is to experience the MacBook persona? So here’s the chunk in Apple March Keynote introducing the gorgeous new MacBook. If you fall in love with it, I’m not responsible!

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