Stunning MacPro

MacProApple MacPro is a high end processing engine that provides extreme performance. Machine like this is at the heart of creative content creations such as animation, professional photography, music, and movies.

The design team led by Jony Ive again stunned the world with the new MacPro. By designing everything from motherboard, memory storage and graphics to I/O around an unified thermal core, MacPro has become a powerhouse, yet incredibly small. This level of sophistication is unparalleled by any product in the industry. It’s much like a prized possession or antique piece on the desktop than a CPU.

The MacPro,

  1. is muscled by Intel Xeon E5 processor upto 12 cores on a single die with 30MB of L3 cache.
  2. has upto 64GB of memory with 60GB/s of bandwidth.
  3. is graphics powerhouse with dual AMD FirePro workstation graphic cards.
  4. the secondary storage is PCIe-based flash storage which is 10 times faster than the hard drives.
  5. sports I/O with 4 USB ports + 6 Thunderbolt2 ports + 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports + HDMI video output port.
  6. wireless technologies include Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.

In an unconventional way Phil Schiller gave a sneak peek at the MacPro. Watch it. Feast it. Celebrate it.

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