Funky Release Code Names of Ubuntu

Ubuntu is as well-known by its funky release code names as its functionality and user-friendly design. Not only they give a whole different persona to the OS but also affects the feelings and moods of the user. And I absolutely love that.

In order to know the release code name of the Ubuntu you’re running, open the terminal (Ctl + Alt + T) and run the command

lsb_release -a

The official Ubuntu release is of the form “Ubuntu Y.MM” with Y representing the year (minus 2000) and MM representing the month of the eventual release. Ubuntu’s first release, made in October (10th month) 2004 was Ubuntu 4.10. Since the actual version is not known until the final product is out, developers and testers refer the OS through its code name.

Ubuntu releases occur twice a year six months apart and typically in the months April (4th month) & October (10th month). Hence the release versions end with .04 or .10 indicating the months. The major version number is the year minus 2000. For example the Ubuntu release happened in October 2015 was “Ubuntu 15.10”.

Also every two years once Ubuntu release its LTS version. LTS stands for Long term support. Ubuntu provides free software updates and security patches for 5 years to LTS releases. Other versions of Ubuntu get free updates for one year from its release date. LTS releases are the most stable and are suitable to run server applications, whereas non-LTS versions come with latest features and other bells & whistles that appeal to personal computing.

Ubuntu release code name is “Adjective + Animal”. For example Precise Pangolin is the code name for Ubuntu 12.04. Below is a list of all the Ubuntu release code names. Plus you can suggest the code name for future Ubuntu releases here.

Warty Warthog_04.10

Hoary Hedgehot_5.04

Breezy Badger_5.10

Dapper Drake_6.06LTS

Edgy Eft_6.10

Feisty Fawn_7.04

Gutsy Gibbon_7.10

Hardy Heron_8.04

Intrepid Ibex_8.10

Jaunty Jackalope_9.04

Karmic Koala_9.10

Lucid Lynx_10.04

Maverick Meerkat_10.10

Natty Narwhal_11.04

Oneiric Ocelot_11.10

Precise Pangolin_12.04

Quantal Quetzal_12.10

Raring Ringtail_13.04

Saucy Salamander_15.10

Trusty Tahr_14.04

Utopic Unicorn_14.10

Vivid Vervet_15.04

Wily Werewolf_15.10

Xenial Xerus_16.04


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