World-class Willpower

Willpower and selfcontrol

I’ve been following this man for many years. He’s just getting better and bigger in its passion to touch lives around the world. And bring hope and optimism to the hopeless. I couldn’t be more excited to read his blog posts and watch his awesomely crafted videos. Everyday starts with his book or video and everyday ends with his blog or podcast. Truly he has changed my life. I want to meet him and say 100 thanks. Perhaps the greatest gratitude I can offer him is to live by his philosophy and lead by example.

What could be more exhilarating on Sunday than to watch my man’s first global webinar on Willpower? This is perhaps the most raw and the most visceral video of him. I just want to put his amazing ideas into action.

Michelangelo and Sistine Chapel ceiling

self-control Will


John Milton_Paradise Lost



Anders Ericsson and 10000 hours


Grit_Push yourself to limit

Grit is resilience

Growth is in the discomfort zone

Run to fear  Lean-into-your-fears

Seduction of safety is dangerous than perception of uncertainty

Discomfort zone

Leaders love educationIntegrity

Source of happiness  Craftsmanship

Small daily improvements        Hard messy gorgeous

PFC_happy chemicals

Happy Chemicals  Ego depletion


Three miracle drugs of will power


I can  Words

Drink coffee    Power of association

Simplicity is genius  Lateral thinking




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