Robert Miles Dreamland

Dreamland is the debut studio album by Robert Miles. It was released on June 7, 1996, in Europe, where it was a hit, and was also released in the United States about a month later, with a new track sung by Maria Nayler, “One and One.”

This album is very special to me simply because all my childhood memories are stored in these tracks. The U.S version of this album has the following magical tracks.

  1. “Children (Dream Version)” – 7:06


2. “Fable (Message Version)” – 6:24


3. “Fantasya” – 5:43


3. “Landscape” – 6:02


4. “In My Dreams” – 6:14


5. “One and One” – 3:59


6. “Princess of Light” – 6:20


7. “Fable (Dream Version)” – 7:13


8.“In the Dawn” – 7:59


9. “Children (Original Version)” – 6:19


10. “Red Zone” – 6:57

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