Going Deeper on CCNA

As I’m pondering over the syllabus and gearing up myself to the exam, I’m realizing more and more of the intention of the design of the exam itself. CCNA remains the top IT certification in the industry for one simple reason: it’s real-world and trains the examee to be competent right from day one in his job role.

Cisco revamped the entire line of its certifications in 2013 to make them current and afresh. During the process it striped off many obsolete topics and introduced new ones. Like in any exam the key to succeed is the knowledge of the exam itself as much as the topics and practice.


CCNA can be achieved by taking two separate exams ICND1 and ICND2. By the way ICND stands for Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices. That path is preferred for the guys who are just entering the world of networking with no prior knowledge. Passing ICND1 gives the first certification called CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Professional) in the path of certifications.




I need to get my concepts not only right but deep. I’ve to redesign the way I study and practice. Mindmaps is an efficient way to organize the information and reinforce the understanding. Speed reading is something I’m working on as well as memory techniques to remember and retain information accurately.



Practice. Practice. Practice.

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