Yuva Brigade


Yuva Brigade is an organization formed by likeminded individuals who intend to do something good for the country. We have Students, people from IT sector, people working in industries, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, farmers and from many other sections of the country. Everyone has come together with the common intention of working for the country so that we leave behind a glorious, inclusive and a strong nation for our future generation.

With the teachings of Swami Vivekananda as our guiding principles, we have decided to work in the society amongst the youth who are the future of the country.

Wings of Yuva Brigade

  • Maharakshak – A platform to imbibe a sense of “Nation First” amongst the youth and also motivate and train the students to take up jobs in defence, bureaucracy and police.
  • Sadbhavana – A platform to promote oneness amongst various castes, religions and other divisions of the country and establish an inclusive society where there is no discrimination.
  • Vitta Shakti – A platform to promote entrepreneurship and also carry out research on various economic policies.
  • Digital Sanskar – A platform to spread and promote Indian tradition and culture using digital media.

At present, “Yuva brigade” has its presence in 26 districts of Karnataka and we intend to go to village level and establish ourselves deep rooted in the state.

Register to Yuva Brigade and join the elite group of youths and patriotic people. For regular updates about events and meet ups follow Yuva Brigade on facebook.

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