Doing English with Julian

I bumped up on this Youtube channel named Doing English with Julian some days back. Amazing content wrapped in a passionate discourse. He writes in his site Doing English,


“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven”

What Shakespeare meant by this is that the way to success, the way to achieve your goals, desires and dreams, comes from constant learning.

I am a huge proponent of self learning.

I think one of the biggest failures of our education systems today (although I only know about England and Japan) is it’s failure to install a sense of lifelong learning in students. I’ve met far, far too many people who graduate school, college or university only to say, “I’m done! No more studying!”

This is a terrible shame.

Because the best learning, no, the most important learning, doesn’t come at school – it comes when we are adults.

Those who continue to learn, succeed.

You can read my story by joining here, but I hated school. And I didn’t like university much either. University was fun. I spent a lot of time drinking coffee and Guinness. But learn much? Not really.

To be honest, I don’t like going to classes much. I don’t learn well in that kind of situation. It wasn’t until I started my Masters by distance learning (i.e. e-learning) that I found my ideal learning style.

Want to be successful?

Self-educate yourself.

And if you’re like many professionals using English as a medium for learning is an important point of everything you do.

It’s not *just* about speaking better English. Most (probably all) English courses out there just teach you words, phrases and grammar … surface level stuff.

My goal is to integrate English into your every day life… to make you DO English.


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