Hackers Wanted

Well over the weekend I came across a documentary labeled “Hackers Wanted”. Naturally I was intrigued.

The film consists primarily of a compilation of the best parts of previous hacker documentaries however it does have it’s own ‘unique’ content also. What was most interesting for me was the tie in with ancient civilizations and how in the past, we have crucified (no pun intended) those who think outside the proverbial box of what we like to call reality.

Civilizations throughout time have feared those that we think are “different”. We label them criminals, heretics or just plain insane. We murdered unimaginable numbers of them by burning them, executing them, imprisoning them and even torturing them. All because they do not confine to our beliefs or mentality.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, have a combined net worth of around 60 billion dollars. All of them being hackers themselves. So why do we continue to shun the hacker community instead of embracing it? Good question.

Personally I believe in free thinking.

These days the children are not taught to think. Most don’t even have to learn to spell. Why when there’s spellcheck? Nowadays the children are taught to believe what the textbook says, and dare they question it…well if it’s in the textbook then it must be correct right?

That’s will lead to what is known as Intelligence Trap. Using logic and argument to defend our own shortcomings and flaws rather than having the courage to face the truth and change our thinking and progress in our lives.

It’s a very insightful documentary. All the hackers from Wozniak to Lamo share their thoughts and experience on being a true creative thinker (hacker). The intervening of short stories every now and then nicely complements the flow and persona of the documentary.


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