Two Sealed Envelopes


Napolean Hill penned one of the most influential books of all time “Think and Grow Rich” almost a century ago. This book led a revolution of personal achievement and financial success that continues till to-day.

I read that book during my BE days. And instantly inspired by the most dominant idea of the book.

The mind creates what it visualizes the most. All external conditions are the exact replica of the thinking patterns of the mind.

The entire Think and Grow Rich book is based on the fundamental principle of nature “like attracts like“, meaning the thoughts of a certain kind attract other thought currents of the same nature. Not only that, thoughts can travel longer distances and influence the person who has the thoughts of same nature.

Napoleon Hill talks about this wonderful power bestowed by nature to mankind and gives the analogy of “Two Sealed Envelopes” to bring the point home. Plus the inevitable penalties one must pay who neglects his/her gift.

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