Beauty of Criticism

Today has been a great day for me. Started studying routing and routing protocols. Immersed in the blanket of silence and stillness. Got a refreshing nap evening. Now I’m savoring roti’s and egg burji as I write this post.

I have been thinking about critics lately. More often than not, we make them barriers and tend to avoid them. My view on criticism is different. I have an enormous respect for criticism. Here’s why: critics give you the world’s best consulting service at free of cost.

Rather than trying to escape the gnawing feeling when critics sprung up in your day, embrace them. Shift the gears and take advantage of the situation and use it your benefit. After taking your game to the next level, give them an enigmatic smile🙂 and move on.

Critics are the catalyst to personal growth and career progress. Use them wisely and never let them to get in your way. On the contrary, use them to build your magnificent career.

Also remember, as you start to push everyday and move forward toward your vision, you will inevitably stand out of the crowd. And attract the attention of everyone. That’s the sign of progress. Be prepared for bitterness and hatred from a lot of people. Success is a lonely game.

“Unless people dislike you, you are not doing your best work”. 

“If people are not ridiculing you, you are playing too small.”

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