Nothing Fails Like Success

I woke up pretty early today, around 4:30 a.m. I started reading a book by name “Mind-Power, The Secret of Mental Magic“. I picked up a random chapter named “The Dynamic Individual” in it. The author William Walker Atkinson talks about the nature of Universal Mental Principle and its manifestation as Desire-Force and Will-Power.

At the core of every successful person, there is this sense of connection to the unbridled power that pervades time and space of the Universe. The second wind you feel when you are deeply immersed in a task is actually the flow of this Universal Will-Power through you. Ask any person that plays at outrageously excellent level, he will tell its really not him doing the work. It feels like something else is working for him and as if he is just a spectator who has given permission to use his belongings.

This miracle once felt, leaves the person it awe. Unaware of the phenomenon, he makes the mistake of thinking that the endeavor was achieved because of his personal strength. And the pride of personality grows. Like I said that’s his/her greatest mistake. He creates a wall between him and the boundless supply from the Universal Will. Lo and behold, he is swirling deeper and deeper into the downward spiral of failure ever since.

Keep your feet firmly on the ground. Work hard. Stay true your values and the conception of what is right. Never play with fire! Nature has a way of acting on you if you don’t act.

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