Rebooting Microscope, Periscope, and Telescope

Kaleidoscope blog has had enough of me with technical posts. My other three blogs Microscope, Periscope and Telescope are at standstill for a long time. I want to give them a reboot and concentrate my energy on developing other aspects of my mind and personality.

Check out my other blogs where I will be writing some amazing posts on the following topics:


  • Full-on inspiration and daily dose of spark
  • Robin Sharma’s wisdom
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Completely mastery of thoughts and internal architecture
  • Memory mastery and techniques
  • Fitness, workouts and calisthenics



  • Art and music
  • Perspective drawing
  • Chess
  • Adventure and hobbies
  • Cooking
  • Cinematography and Animation



  • Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithms
  • Problem Solving
  • Electronics
  • GRE and English

About Deepak Devanand

Seeker of knowledge
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