Intel’s New Ad

Intel Inside has been the US chip maker’s calling card since the slogan was introduced in the early ’90s. (Along with the accompanying “bong” sound mark.) However, while this motto was originally deployed to make customers think about what chips were inside their PCs, the scope for Intel’s products has widened since. The company’s new advertising campaign emphasizes this fact with a montage of Intel-powered devices, from 3D printers and robot assembly lines, to solar-powered cars and fitness trackers. Intel is inside everything, seems to be the intended message.

And while most of the tech in this video was chosen for its flair rather than its revenue potential (other ads in the campaign focus on niche, creative uses of the company’s products), it’s true that Intel is slowly diversifying its business. The company’s latest earnings report shows good growth from the its data center division, as well as improvements for its Internet of Things business. Intel’s ambitions were also clear at CES earlier this month, with the company showing off chips to power dronessensors, and robot butlers — but no new laptops.

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