Perfect T-Shirt Size

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Database company Threadbase has analysed 800 T-shirts for creating a perfect T-shirt size chart.

Finding a perfect fitting T-shirt is a battle that we constantly find ourselves having. It may be because various brands have completely different sizing scales, in addition to unexpected variations due to wear and tear. In comes Threadbase, a company that aims to bring an end to ill-fitting T-shirts.

The company has worn, washed and tested over 800 different T-shirts from a number of various brands, counting in some of the most popular styles out there. Threadbase then created an algorithm that can recommend different T-shirts based on your own body measurements or specifications of an existing shirt.

So far, the company has published data regarding how T-shirts change over time due to washing, drying and wearing. It was found that typically, T-shirts widen and shorten over time, and most of the widening happens within the first two hours of wear. Not only that, but two of the same T-shirts may not fit the same due to manufacturing variance, which can account for a significant difference as well.

Threadbase_T-shirt Analysis

Additionally, the length and width averages for each brand varies greatly. What is considered a small can range three inches in width and height. Head over to Threadbase to check out the full list of T-shirts they’ve analyzed and use it to find your perfect T-shirt.

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