Water PingPong in Space!

If NASA ever invents the Space Olympics, it should include events like making coffee in bags, eating lettuce, running a marathon while strapped to a treadmill and playing ping-pong with floating liquids. Astronaut Scott Kelly is already the favorite for a gold medal when it comes to that latter sport.

Kelly is in the midst of a one-year stay on the International Space Station. January 21 marked his 300th day, so he celebrated with a one-person game of ping pong. There were no standard balls in play here, but rather a spherical drop of liquid floating in microgravity.

Kelly employed two paddles with hydrophobic coatings designed to repel water. He squeezed a ball of water out of a silver bag and allowed the ball of liquid to bounce between the paddles, its shape distending with every strike against the hydrophobic surfaces.

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