Airplane Mode to be Integrated in GNOME 3.20

Airplane mode

The GNOME 3.20 is going to come with new features which include the Airplane Mode keys.

The airplane mode has been implemented by a number of hardware makers and companies for turning off any type of radio emissions which may interfere with the airplane’s avionics. This mode allows people to use their laptops, phones etc. while they are on the airplane. It also helps in maximizing the battery life.

According to developer Bastien Nocera, “As we were working on audio jack notifications, and were wondering whether the type of notification we’d pop up, in this case, could be reused in other cases, I encountered a feature request that could now be solved easily with the rfkill D-Bus service we added to gnome-settings-daemon for the 3.10 release. If you have keyboard buttons on your laptop to enable or disable Bluetooth, or Airplane mode, you can now use them“.

The GNOME 3.20 is going to come to market on 23 March 2016.


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