How to Add Color Schemes to Vim


If you program all day and tend get bored by the default color scheme of vim, you could add some awesome color schemes to refresh and revitalize your fatigued mind. Adding color schemes to vim is quite simple.

Step #1: Download the color scheme of your heart’s content

Go to Vim’s ColorSchemes page and choose the color scheme that best suits your style and mood and download the corresponding colorscheme_name.vim file. You can use to choose the color scheme. Right now the highest rated color scheme for vim is called “molokai” which I absolutely adore. Let’s download and add to vim.

Step #2 : Add the color scheme to vim

The downloaded colorscheme.vim file should be copied into .vim/colors directory in your home directory in Linux. In case you don’t have the colors directory, you need to create the same.

mkdir -p ~/.vim/colors


Step #3 : Activate and test the color scheme

Inside vim, activate the color scheme by keyboarding the following in command-mode.

:syntax on
:colorscheme molokai


Step #4 : Set the default color scheme

You can download and copy several color schemes into the .vim/colors directory and activate one after the other inside like we did for monokai in the previous step. Once you found the color scheme of your mood, you can make it the default theme by adding following lines to your .vimrc file that’s found in the home directory.

syntax on


Pro Tip: Vim supports tab completion for both commands and options. Make use of it to complete the commands such as colorscheme, and hitting tab after colorscheme will show the color schemes available one after the other.

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