Installing GNU Toolchain on RHEL/CentOS/Fedora

Like we did for the Debian branch, let’s get to know how to install the GNU toolchain on Red Hat branch of Linux distros.

Red Hat branch of Linux distros maintains a collection of packages called ‘Development Tools‘ in which among other things the GNU toolchain is included as listed below:

  1. flex
  2. gcc c/c++ compiler
  3. redhat-rpm-config
  4. strace
  5. rpm-build
  6. make
  7. pkgconfig
  8. gettext
  9. automake
  10. strace64
  11. gdb
  12. bison
  13. libtool
  14. autoconf
  15. gcc-c++ compiler
  16. binutils and all dependencies.

We should use the package management utility Yum to install the aforementioned packages. Run the following command on terminal as root.

yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'

If the above command fails (possibly in RHEL7/CentOS7), try

yum group install 'Development Tools'

yum group install development tools

After the installation, you can verify the GCC version like so:

gcc --version

gcc --version CentOS

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