Incredible Concentration

Have you ever focused on something so much that you were able to do incredible things? On the TV show “You Can Do It”; Miyoko Shida does just that- balancing, harmonizing, and showing the simple beauty of her amazing feat of concentration, Shida dazzled the judges throughout her entire performance; and it didn’t stop there, with her showstopping performance.

Complete Grace and Poise

How much can you focus on something? Could you maintain complete concentration with thousands of people watching your every move, performing each delicate step with poise and grace? Watch as Miyoko Shida stuns the audience with her very simple task of carefully arranging sticks on top of each other that have all been balanced with a single feather. Watch as one tiny little objects holds the rest in place; as she stacks one, two, three sticks, stacking and stacking as the difficulty of her performance becomes even harder and she eventually pulls it together by masterfully maneuvering in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Masterful Balance and Concentration

With science and precision as we watch her perform we see the sheer focus in her eyes, the balance in her poise. Simply beautiful, graceful, and ever so careful, dance artist Miyoko Shida is no stranger to spotlight. Born in Fukuyama-shi Japan, she’s performed her whole life as a dancer and choreographer at the famous Rigolo Nouveau Cirque in Switzerland; and she’s currently enjoying her life in Paris. Enjoy this beautiful video, prepare to be astounded.

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