Legendary Focus


From time and time again, over thousands of years, great minds from every imaginable walk of life have been writing, propagating and demonstrating the magical powers of stillness, focus and concentration of the mind.

Focus is the foundation of knowledge, thinking, reasoning.

Focus is the bedrock of happiness, peace of mind and harmony.

Focus is the well-spring of youthfulness, beauty and radiance.

Focus is the magic wand by which one can create heavenly mansion.

Focus is the guiding light in life.

Again what makes a great man great is his ability to collect all of his mental forces and direct it toward a definite aim. Observe closely the successful people around you and you will notice their success is unquestionably can be credited to their ability to focus and pay close attention.


“Empty your mind.  Be formless, shapeless, like water.” ~ Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee was known for his legendary focus and intensity both on screen and off screen. There’s so to be learn from this man of extraordinary focus.

In all of his videos there is a synchronicity of movements. How does he do it? He waits for the other person to react before he acts, and he isn’t afraid to make a move. He refuses to create a style believing that martial arts are a process of continuing growth.

“Ultimately, martial arts means honestly expressing yourself.”

“I want to think of myself as a human being, because under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family. It just so happens that people are different.”

Bruce Lee inspires millions of people throughout the world because of his unbelievable coolness and precise combat techniques.

In this video Bruce Lee is playing ping pong with nunchucks, and is smoking the other poor guy, so much so that two players are then brought to the table to give Bruce Lee a challenge, and it still didn’t work.

The ping-pong ball is not headed towards Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is headed towards the ping-pong ball.

After the game, Bruce Lee lights a matchstick that is sticking out the mouth of a very brave volunteer, with his nunchucks, in Japanese known as nunchakus. Later Bruce Lee lights a match with a tip of a nunchucks.


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