10,000 iPhones Falling like Dominoes

Aatma Studio — the makers behind the viral iPhone concepts that envisioned the device with a stunning laser and a 3D multiplayer hologram for gaming — created a virtual office environment with 10,000 iPhone 5s standing on end. (Yes, these iPhones are computer-generated, so the company didn’t actually buy 10,000 iPhones for the project.)

As the first one tips over, rows of phones fall like dominoes over the other, revealing new patterns as the phones fall from room to room — and even take a ride in an elevator.

“Except for the first iPhone that is set off, every other phone you see is computer generated,” said Pramod Modi Shantharam, CEO and animation director at Aatma Studio. “We modeled, animated and rendered the CG phone where the footage was first motion-tracked and the CG phone was composited over it.”

It concludes with an even more impressive finale: Thousands of iPhones are lined up to form a rectangle. Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, which enables content to be passed on from one iPhone screen to another, the displays create a huge screen to show video content from previous Aatma Studio viral hits.

Of course, the real iPhone isn’t equipped with NFC, another giveaway that the video is a brilliant fake.

“We’ve been known for visualizing unique concepts for iPhones and iPads on our YouTube channel,” Modi said. “This time, we wanted to stretch our creativity and deliver something that’s almost as entertaining as an advert. We think if the iPhone 5s were to have NFC, this concept commercial could be a unique way to promote it.”

“The end shot is a representation at scale but imagine bringing together four smartphones screens together to view content on an expanded real estate,” he added. “A potential use case could be a family of four connecting their phones or tablets to watch a movie together.”

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