One Last Thing…

steve-jobs-one-last-thingSteve Jobs was the ultimate showman. As such, it should be no surprise that he realized the power of following up a great performance with an encore. But unlike many musicians who treat encores as a given add-on for each show, Jobs seemed to recognize that encores are much more powerful if they’re used judiciously. The Steve Jobs encore was the “One more thing…” He didn’t use it all the time, and because of that, when he did, it would whip the audience into a frenzy.

Following his passing, the question now turns to what Jobs was working on in his final days. Surely, the master showman has something to present us with even though he’s no longer around to show it off, right? After he stepped down as CEO in August, I made the case that his final “One more thing…” was actually Apple itself. That his last great product was actually a self-sustaining company that could continue to pump out innovation even after he’s gone. Hopefully that will be the case. But it’s sure starting to look like he may have had a few tangible “One last thing…” products up his sleeve as well.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs died of cancer on October 5, 2011, and this 60-minute PBS video takes on the daunting challenge of summarizing his life and work. In brief chapters titled “Misfit,” “Whiz Kid,” “Innovator,” “Buddhist,” “Tyrant,” “Savior,” and “Genius,” the filmmakers reveal the many different sides of this complicated man. We take a walk down memory lane with his close childhood friend Bill Fernandez and meet Steve Wozniak, who designed the first Apple computer under Jobs’ supervision.

We witness the ways in which this creative executive inspired the best in his workers. Designer Dean Harvey recounts how he put together a model of the Apple Mouse from cans of roll-on deodorant and a plastic butter dish. A monk talks about Jobs’s interest in the simplicity of Zen Buddhism. A teacher at Reed College in Oregon recalls his interest in calligraphy. Ross Perot invested millions of dollars in NeXT computer company which Jobs started after being kicked out of Apple for a decade. Lest this hour come off as all pro-Jobs, Pixar co-founder Ray Smith criticizes him as a selfish and angry wheeler-dealer.

Steve Jobs – One Last Thing gets up-close and personal with this creative technological innovator in two segments where he is interviewed. The one which really clicks is done with Bill Gates seated next to him. They talk about their respect for each other and about the contributions they have made to the lives of computer users around the world. Think of Jobs and his creations the PC, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad and you’ll see the global impact of his work. Little is said about this 56 -year old’s battle with cancer except that he loved to walk even when weakened by chemotherapy.

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